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SMOKE SIGNALS is the feel-good cannabis film the world has been waiting on for a very long time. Over the course of a 90 minute documentary, viewers will get a rare glimpse into a perfectly normal day in the life of the movers and shakers who have rallied around this curious cannabis plant, sans all the stigma. 

After the start of the War on Drugs, leading by example has not been easy for those passionate about cannabis.  With recent public opinion swinging wildly in favor of full federal legalization, we hope to use this film to bring to light the brand new personal wellness, medical, social, and business opportunities in the cannabis space that exist to all Americans. 


Rather than taking the more common journalistic focus on the legal and public policy challenges facing the massive financial ‘greenrush’, our film will focus on the equally important yet untold "success stories" of individuals in the cannabis revolution.  Past. Present. Future.


This film will not only explore the rapidly emerging industry through the lives of cannabis icons and leaders in their various roles but also the lives of extremely successful people from all walks of life who have already defiantly conducted their own professional careers while using cannabis. From academia to the arts….to law, medicine and finance…sports and politics…our film will allow familiar faces and new visionaries to publicly emerge and launch a new narrative around this incredibly powerful plant which has been demonized and persecuted for nearly a century.  

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