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DJs can make the best nights of your life, create experiences you’ll never forget and memories that will last a lifetime. But what happens when the crowds are gone? LIFE OF A DJ Is a documentary showing the unique experience of a DJ’s life - the highs and lows of being on tour and pressures of being the life of the party. Constantly surrounded by people yet feeling alone at the same time.


It explores the ingredients that shape a negative lifestyle and the dark outcome that some have succumbed to. Through the help and advice of organizations like Hummingbird UK, events like Remedy State’s ARETÉ and interviews with mental health experts, our documentary will show that
there is balance and enjoyment found in this industry. It will empower the audience to look at their own lives and seek improvements in their mental and physical health.


This documentary will act as a fly-on-the wall following prominent touring DJs. We will film them to illustrate the experience of life both on and off the stage. We take a look at the past; a lifestyle of excess and partying and the creation of the Superstar DJ. Interviews from mental health experts and organizations that lead the fight against depression and suicide will help audiences understand the stresses and strains that come with the DJ life. By following a DJ’s journey from tour life to exploring their own mental health, the audience will get a first-hand look at the challenges and work it takes to lead a balanced life. Through the advice of our experts, the audience learns the importance of self-care and will motivate viewers to seek the same balance and stability in their own lives.

LIFE OF A DJ coming 2020

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